Frequently Asked Questions

Find all the answers to various questions from other members.

What are the safe procedures to buying items/products online?

  1. When you buy a product or item sold through Myriads.Online, the safest way is to contact the seller via chat and establish all the terms of your transaction.
  2. The terms must contain: POD (Payment on Delivery) andĀ  Package opening at your destination. This way you can avoid any loss on your side.
  3. Ask for a video of the product to be sure it is exactly as described in the photos.
  4. Make sure the product/item is fully functional in the video.

Buying from a store registered on Myriads?

We always verify fully or partially businesses that sell through our website. If you wish to buy a product with insurance that you will receive a refund, please notify the seller via chat to register the store with your desired products on

How To Sell A Product?

  1. Register an account
  2. Post your ad and add images/videos and a well written description.
  3. Make sure your ad content is unique and specify every option available. From shipping to package opening, etc...

How To Get a Store and Sell items/products on Myriads?

  1. Register an account
  2. Choose a membership plan that suits you.
  3. Personalize your store and add your products.

How To Promote Ads?

After your ad has been published you can choose to promote it in various ways.

In your account dashboard, you will see the promote button that will take you to a list of options for the ad promotion.

How To Promote with links and banner advertising?

In order to promote your business/website/products with banners feel free to contact us.

How To Buy A Membership?

After you create an account with us, you will be able to buy a membership with various payment options.

At the moment the available payment methodsĀ  are: Credit/Debit Cards

How do I decide on what membership is better for my needs?

  1. Please take a look at our pricing page and view all the plans available.
  2. Decide on your plan based on the number of ads you will publish.
  3. You also have the free option to publish 3 ads with no membership.